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Backwoods Boudoir / Tacoma Photographer

Are you or your significant other the outdoorsy type? Do you like to go fishing, hunting, camping or hiking? If so, this boudoir marathon is just for you!

After a few inquiries, I started dreaming up this special set.

All of the props in these photos (including the waders) will be available to use during the sessions. You are welcome to bring any of your own equipment that you would like included as well.

I try to keep promotional photos a bit modest. If you have any questions on what to wear or how these sessions work, don't be bashful! Shoot me a message and I'd be happy to answer any questions you have.


Saturday June 30th

Private Property in Tacoma

3-5 outfits

On site make-up (30 mins)

One hour of shooting

6x6 premium album of top 24 photos


There are limited spots remaining, don't miss out!



P.S. Next up... Femme Floral Boudoir Marathon on July 22nd! I'll be posting about this set in the next week or two.

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