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Living My Story / PNW Based Photographer

Updated: Mar 27, 2018

WORTH. Such a tricky little word.

Given the names of any of my friends or family members, I could easily tell you things they do well. I could give out compliments and be their cheerleaders and do it with ease. I find it so easy to support and value others, and infinitely harder to do the same for myself. You could say that I struggle with owning my worth.

Don't get me wrong - I have a healthy self esteem and love myself and my life. I am blessed beyond measure, and well aware of that truth. But ask me what my time is worth or what I'm 'good at' and I have a hard time answering. I want to give and give and give, and I forget sometimes that I need to feed my soul. I need to water my own grass.

Photography started as a hobby. A way for me to capture my sweet girl after she was born. And I did. I took SO many photos of her, and I just FELL IN LOVE with it. I couldn't get enough. Every chance I got, I was taking photos of friends and family. And then that grew to their friends and their families. And although I loved it, I had a very hard time defining my worth with photography.

I think the best part (okay, aside from the babies- gimmeallthebabies), is taking a photo and having the person tell me they felt beautiful. Or that they 'actually like' a photo of themselves. It's so easy to see the beauty, value and talent in others and then be overly critical of ourselves. After preaching at others enough about this, I am finally taking my own advice.

I am here, today, right now, to define my worth. I'm taking a leap of faith, and stepping out to say, I AM A PHOTOGRAPHER. And I LOVE it. And here you are, reading my first blog, visiting my website, and can I just say, I LOVE YOU. Dramatic? Possibly... but not untrue (and also, I'm just a little bit 'extra').

I am incredibly thankful to everyone who has pushed me to get here. I look forward to continuing my journey in photography with each of you.

This is the first photo we took of our girl, before learning how to use my camera.

This is my girl on Christmas morning.

I have all kinds of exciting things I'm dreaming up for 2018. What is something you'd like to see on the blog?

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