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Puddle Jumping / PNW Lifestyle Photography

The reason I initially picked up photography as a hobby was to document my daughter as she grew. I love a good styled portrait photo, but I wanted to be able to capture the in betweens. The fun, the messy, the every day. From this grew my love for lifestyle sessions.

I find that if I tell my daughter we are going on an adventure, we can make any small activity a fun and exciting moment for her. Our adventures have involved so many different things, but to this day, puddle jumping is one of her favorites (thanks Peppa Pig).

In all honesty, these kiddos were not initially thrilled by the idea of a puddle jumping photo session. After all, it was cold and wet. But their Mama and I knew that once they got out into the puddles, they'd forget it was a photo session and let loose. And that is exactly what happened.

And now let us all give this Mama a round of applause. For letting go. For getting dirty. For embracing the extra load of laundry and soaking up the fun of a good ol' PNW puddle jump.

Okay, so puddle jumping isn't your thing? What is your families' favorite adventure? Trips to the zoo? A walk around the neighborhood? A special treat spot?

Consider a lifestyle session to document a beloved family activity. I'd love to tag along.

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