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I've recently had a lot of time to think about the current season of my life. Things are changing, I'm not certain of much, but one thing I know is that the joy of my life is not rooted in the season I reside.

We live in a culture where the pursuit of success and happiness is everything. But what if instead of searching for a feeling that defines your circumstance, you chose an attitude, adopted a habit, created a life that defies circumstance? I met this young lady about a year ago. During our session together I fell in love with her inner beauty and sweet soul. After reconnecting about the possibility of another session, we talked about what it would look like. Our vision. To embody the beauty of womanhood, not just in an outward, tangible way. But by capturing the peace of knowing your worth. The confidence that abounds when you not only extend grace, but rest in it yourself. The light you exude, when you stop chasing happiness as the world defines it. And make the daily intentional choice of non-circumstantial joy.

Photography is such a wonderful medium. I love being able to capture various moments in people's lives. What season are you in? How would you like to remember it? XOXO Trisha

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